First Date Ideas
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  • author ( 34, female / sugar baby | San Jose, CA, USA )

    I'm always open to new and exciting ideas. Then again I'm traditional as well and don't mind the peaceful normal dates too. If you want to take me to the Fiji islands tho for the first date I'm all for that too lol.

  • author ( 27, female / sugar baby | Tampa, FL, USA )

    Nice dinner, maybe by the beach. Maybe even just stay in for the night and order Chinese food and netflix and chill.

  • author ( 23, female / sugar baby | New Orleans, LA, USA )

    I like to have a good time so prefer doing something adventurous and then sitting down to have a cute little lunch.

  • author ( 29, female / sugar baby | Charlotte, NC, USA )

    An ideal first date would be to be pampered before I lay eyes on you; I imagine this so that I am completely relaxed and rejuvienated. I love food and beverages so a nice restaurant over looking clt I also love Brews and...  see more >>

  • author ( 25, female / sugar baby | Camp Pendleton, CA, USA )

    My idea of a first date is simple. I would enjoy maybe swimming or playing basketball. I'm not to great at tennis but I would love to try.

  • author ( 28, female / sugar baby | Netherlands )

    On my first date i would like to go karting and after that have a nice dinner so we can have a good conversation.

  • author ( 27, female / sugar baby | Sautee Nacoochee, GA, USA )

    I love having a little bit of fun competition on a first date, whether it be going to a sporting event or playing putt putt. I think it subconsciously brings out who your really are when competition is involved!

  • author ( 41, female / sugar baby | South Africa )

    well mmhh we go out have drinks n be tipsy soo we can be open to each other thts if lol we too shy hey its all abwt fun nothing much

  • author ( 32, female / sugar baby | Avenel, NJ, USA )

    Awesome and nice,we played video games at his home,and ate lots of chocolate,he said so many nice words and later on he cuddled me and we watched the cool sun set

  • author ( 30, female / sugar baby | Cumming, GA, USA )

    Top golf has to be the best place for a first date. They have good food great drinks and you get to hit some balls while your at it. It's great for breaking the ice and getting to know each other, the competition isn't b...  see more >>

  • author ( 41, female / sugar baby | South Africa )

    Be the best for me ,,,I promise to love u just the way u are,,,respect is my thing ,,,so do the same ,,,

  • author ( 24, female / sugar baby | Austin, MN, USA )

    Going out to go carting or paint balling I like fun and adventurous things not always the same thing it gets boring sometimes.

  • author ( 35, female / sugar baby | New York, NY, USA )

    My first date idea would be bowling. I love to bowl even though I'm not that good at it lol but i enjoy it. It's definitely an ice breaker for both parties to loosen up and not feel so shy and nervous on the first date

  • author ( 25, female / sugar baby | Halifax, England - West Yorkshire, GBR )

    I would want to meet up as friends only but I like going on walks, playing video games and eating at restaurants.

  • author ( 36, female / sugar baby | Atlanta, GA, USA )

    Kayaking with a cooler of beer along the River. Georgia has some fantastically scenic, clean Rivers. Shoot the hooch is onscenely overpriced but a 65 mile drive is the best $40 ever spent (for two people).