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  • author ( 33, female / sugar baby | Orlando, FL, USA )

    I'm a sucker for awesome views, nice food, and anything that has to do with water. I love the springs. I'm open to suggestions

  • author ( 33, female / sugar baby | Opa Locka, FL, USA )

    My ideal first date would be a vibe. I just feel like doing something fun (cooking class, wine tasting, going to the crystal shop all work instead of the movies and dinner. Don't get me wrong tho I love to eat lol.

  • author ( 38, female / sugar baby | Whitehouse, OH, USA )

    Anything that would allow us to get to know each other. Dinner is usually a good start. Love to chat and listen about what interests you! Love to laugh and try to make things not awkward! Also not a picky eater at!

  • author ( 33, female / sugar baby | Louisville, GA, USA )

    I love surprises and out of the ordinary things so surprise me and be creative. I'm also cool with something as simple as ordering take out and chilling at the house. I'm versatile so I'll pretty much enjoy anything as l...  see more >>

  • author ( 33, female / sugar baby | Pittsburg, CA, USA )

    Yes many of women including myself still love to be spoiled on dates. A man that shows initiative and plans a first date is a must for me. I am open to anything and pretty easy going. Show me what you got handsome!

  • author ( 36, female / sugar baby | Miami, FL, USA )

    My idea of a first date would be Wine tasting, panic room, boat ride, bowling, movies, Spa date, pottery class never been to one I think it will be fun lol, restaurant hop or just out for coffee. If my ideas are boring t...  see more >>

  • author ( 32, female / sugar baby | Marietta, GA, USA )

    A show, concert or shopping ... why you ask? You can learn a lot about a woman simply by shopping with her, small talk flows easily, what she likes most about her body, what she dislikes all while discovering what you li...  see more >>

  • author ( 30, female / sugar baby | Des Moines, IA, USA )

    Watching the sun set at a local park. Breifly sharing our days and just breathing in the beauty of it all. Then taking a brisk walk around as the city is being painted with the colors from the sky - smiling.

  • author ( 30, female / sugar baby | New York, NY, USA )

    Food and fun long talks then more food and fun. The night is ours, the world is ours . Love is key. Smiles and laughs genuine vibes only . Let me pick your brain . Make my heart smile . Let's get carried away

  • author ( 30, female / sugar baby | Pleasanton, TX, USA )

    Let's be real, dinner is great on a 1st date but its outdated. Let's go do something fun, example lets go ride on some ATV and get dirty and grab a few drinks afterwards. Somthing different is always good.

  • author ( 30, female / sugar baby | Charleston, SC, USA )

    I like adventure and being spontaneous. Of course my ideal mate would take initiative and plan the date. Super sexy to me!! I'm new to the area so take me somewhere I've never been before. Show me around the city!

  • author ( 34, female / sugar baby | Dallas, TX, USA )

    Something intimate or fun where we could still get to know each other. A small scene i want to look into your eyes and pat attention to see if i'm wasting time or should we proceed further. One thing i hate to do is wast...  see more >>

  • author ( 35, female / sugar baby | Regina, SK, CAN )

    Sitting outside and looking at the stars, with wine and surrounded by pillows and blankets. or Going for a hike in a beautiful scenic area, ending with a picnic and wine. ******all while having great conversations.

  • author ( 34, female / sugar baby | Montgomery, AL, USA )

    An ideal first date would be ....... meeting me with a bouquet of roses. Then we have a candle light intimate dinner where we can watch the ocean waves. Capping it off with a glass of wine in the jacuzzi while receiving...  see more >>

  • author ( 30, female / sugar baby | Brooklyn, NY, USA )

    Not sure , I'm very adventurous.. and always going with the flow . Anything is fine ! I like going out to eat , museums , long walks or drives , jet skiing , dancing , even having a picnic will be awesome . Anything lol